Retail Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Retail Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our retail BI solution analyses sales data enabling you to optimise profit margins. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface managers & executives are equipped with data-driven insights empowering them to make better decisions.

demand driven replenishment and allocation

Rely On A Single Source Of Data

Access a single source of information to display all the data across all sales channels and products.

Make quick, informed decisions

Drive faster and better decisions with real-time data, KPIs and personalised dashboards.

Monitor KPIs

Obtain access to all your data in real-time and analyse the main key performance indicators, geographical snapshots, trends and KPI scorecards.

Empower Users

Allow users within your company to quickly identify issues, trends and opportunities and instantly act.

inventory management platform
KPI Summary

Visualise key performance indicators and sales analytics to maximise profits. Keep your product performance on track and never miss a sale. The reports enable you to see a detailed analysis about relevant metrics such as sell-through rates, overstock, and understock and much more.

Pareto Report

Quickly see the productivity of your assortment according to Pareto’s principle. Fast movers contribute to 80% of the sales whereas slow movers represent only 20% of the sales. Analyse the contribution of your options to the total sales.

automated inventory management
Target Stock Analysis

Analyse the impact of the performance of a product and its contribution to the assortment. Make sure that the assortment on the shelf meets the needs of the consumer whilst delivering the optimal return for manufacturers and retailers alike.

Transfer Report

Know which items should be transferred and move inventory easily between stores. This report automatically suggests items and quantities to transfer, making it easy to figure out the best way to distribute your merchandise.

nike's responsive supply chain
Learn more about how leading brands implement responsive supply chain methods to thrive in a complex and fast-moving industry.
Inventory Tasks on Mobile

Review the performance of your retail network and best-selling items from the convenience of your mobile app. Visualise relevant metrics for each location and product.

Total Visibility Over Inventory

Get an instant, clear view of all inventory available across the company.

Omnichannel Distribution

Designed to support complex replenishment processes for omnichannel retailers.

Fast Implementation

Easily configure all shipments to fit your business rules, policies, allocation, promotions, and markdowns.

Cloud SaaS Solution

Delivered under a SaaS model, you can access Retailisation's platform 24/7. Gain more freedom to focus on your daily operations.

Future-Proof Technology

Replace legacy systems with state of the art technology software that seamlessly integrates with other solutions in your business.

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