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Dynamic Inventory Management

Using smart algorithms, dynamic inventory management allows you to detect the risk of stock-outs and overstocks and respond to it by adjusting targets and sales projections. Reduce unnecessary shortages, improve sales, margins and inventory turns.

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Demand-driven Product Flow

Anticipate customer demand by maximising the value of your data. Order only what is necessary, and ensure your products are in the right place at the right time.

Increased Allocation Accuracy

Use data-driven insights to improve your decisions during the merchandise planning process. You can optimise down to the most granular level item/store/day level of detail.

Maximise Inventory Profitability

Leverage customer demand insights and translate them into strategic inventory movements and replenishment. Gain better control of your inventory and drive sales and profits in the process.
retailisation inventory management platform
Automated Inventory Management

Place the right inventory at the right location and make distribution decisions easier. Align with your merchant’s strategies and localised demand to maximise revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Automated Order Management

Receive automated orders based on real-time demand. Leverage your sales data with variable business strategies to optimize your product portfolios.

automated inventory management
Distribution Management

Present the right inventory throughout your distribution network, minimising stock-outs, while maximising inventory turns in your supply chain.

Product Allocation

Use advanced algorithms to generate accurate sales projections that avoid overstocks and understocks

nike's responsive supply chain
Learn more about how leading brands implement responsive supply chain methods to thrive in a complex and fast-moving industry.
Inventory Tasks on Mobile

Review the performance of your retail network and best-selling items from the convenience of your mobile app. Visualise relevant metrics for each location and product.

Total Visibility Over Inventory

Get an instant, clear view of all inventory available across the company.

Omnichannel Distribution

Designed to support complex replenishment processes for omnichannel retailers.

Fast Implementation

Easily configure all shipments to fit your business rules, policies, allocation, promotions, and markdowns.

Cloud SaaS Solution

Delivered under a SaaS model, you can access Retailisation's platform 24/7. Gain more freedom to focus on your daily operations.

Future-Proof Technology

Replace legacy systems with state of the art technology software that seamlessly integrates with other solutions in your business.

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