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Demand Management

Improve your events and promotions outcomes by using advanced algorithms that generate the right sales projections. With our tool you can easily plan, forecast, and analyse events and promotions while increasing revenue and reducing inventory levels.

inventory management platform
Centralised Omnichannel Events & Promotions

Combine real-time consumer demand data with smart algorithms to predict the items that are more likely to convert in each location and for each shopper.

Generate accurate sales projections

Use predictive insights to forecast sales by geography, product line, or account with the ability to drill down to any level of granularity, from city or state to specific product SKU.

Sense and respond to real-time demand

Use real-time insights to predict short-term demand. Improve your quick-response capabilities to reduce inventory investment and boost your bottom line.

retailisation inventory management platform
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Demand Analysis

Have a better visibility of your demand to ensure higher forecast accuracy, lower inventory levels and avoid out-of-stock situations.

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Demand Forecasting

We analyse and detect patterns in your sales data. We generate new projections enabling you to have accurate sales simulations.

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Promotions & Event Management

Find the most effective combinations of items through advanced analytics and easy to use interface.

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Manual override and user-generated sales projections

Add manual adjustments to the forecast and monitor the value of these changes.

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Demand Aggregation

Obtain a higher level of forecast, by aggregating data to a store-option level.

Customised events calendar

Easily track the events and promotions you launch. You can analyse and measure the impact of your events and promotions.

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Learn more about how leading brands implement responsive supply chain methods to thrive in a complex and fast-moving industry.
Inventory Tasks on Mobile

Review the performance of your retail network and best-selling items from the convenience of your mobile app. Visualise relevant metrics for each location and product.

Total Visibility Over Inventory

Get an instant, clear view of all inventory available across the company.

Omnichannel Distribution

Designed to support complex replenishment processes for omnichannel retailers.

Fast Implementation

Easily configure all shipments to fit your business rules, policies, allocation, promotions, and markdowns.

Cloud SaaS Solution

Delivered under a SaaS model, you can access Retailisation's platform 24/7. Gain more freedom to focus on your daily operations.

Future-Proof Technology

Replace legacy systems with state of the art technology software that seamlessly integrates with other solutions in your business.

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