Demand-Driven Allocation & Replenishment

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Connect your supply to your points of sale so that you can determine the optimum inventory levels for each unique item in each unique location every day. For each retail shelf, physical and virtual and each hub that feeds those shelves. Convert your supply chain to a data-driven retail network for any channel.

Dynamic Inventory Management

Accurate product placement is essential to meet customer demand. Allocation and replenishment capabilities recommend the right merchandise distribution so retailers can optimize their inventory, reduce waste, and avoid unnecessary markdowns.

Automate replenishment, distribution and increase productivity while maximising margins.

inventory management platform

Retail Business Intelligence & Analytics

Access actionable retail reports and start making faster and better decisions. Have an overview of key metrics that will impact the performance of your business. Access your data warehouse and leverage data models and pre-built dashboards.
Gain immediate insights that will allow you to increase your stores and products performance, all in the cloud.

Demand Management

Using advanced algorithms, demand management enables you to optimise your forecast accuracy, make faster data-driven decisions to increase sales and margins.

Respond quickly to changes in the supply chain and fulfil demand based on real-time market data.

retailisation inventory management platform

Onboarding process

Quick and Simple

Data Exchange

We receive your daily inventory and sales data via standard data connections.

Reorder point

We calculate the ideal reorder point for each item in each location.

Data Analysis

We analyse your data to calculate future sales and ROI potential.


We train merchants to use our portal and stay on top of store productivity.

Weekly Calls

Weekly calls are carried out to measure business performance.

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